Campaign Goals 

The primary objective of the marketing campaign includes two main goals: 

  1. Selling your property for the best possible price considering current economic and market conditions.
  2. Achieving the sale within your preferences for timing, with the least possible disruption in your business/production.


Correctly positioning your property to sell is crucial.  It involves highlighting the distinct value benefits your property offers compared to the competition.  Accurate positioning includes four steps: 

  1. Assessing and determining the property’s main features to highlight compared to other competing properties, and pricing your property accordingly.
  2. Assessing the property’s physical condition and correcting obvious deferred maintenance which would negatively impact marketability and buyers’ offering prices.  Curb appeal and condition significantly influence buyer perceptions.
  3. Crafting the narrative, pictures and video, mailers, and other marketing activities to highlight the distinct benefits your property offers to buyers in the marketplace.
  4. Distributing the message to the widest possible audience.

Marketing Tools and Distribution

Your property will be marketed to audiences with the following tools and media: 

  • Clear signage on the site for maximum visibility.
  • Dedicated property landing page on our website with pictures, description and video tour, downloadable flyer, condition reports and other documents.
  • Highlight the property on our monthly newsletter.
  • Postcard mailers dedicated to your property sent out to a large, well-researched, updated proprietary mailing list.  This is an especially powerful marketing tool.   
  • Follow up canvassing and email campaign.
  • QR codes on signage, mailers and other marketing pieces for instant online access to the property features page including pictures, description and video.  
  • Announcements made on Linked In and Facebook with links to website property landing page.
  • Listing in CoStar, a national database of commercial properties for sale, if warranted.
  • Property listed in the Metro Multiple Listing System if applicable.
  • Monthly review of marketing tasks and results, with adjustments as needed. 


Sign posted on site.First week (ordered)
Pictures and video tour completed at property.First week
Property web page, pictures, video tour, downloadable flyer and disclosure documents added to website.First week
Property post cards sent to target audienceFirst week (ordered)
Follow up canvassing of area and follow up email campaign
Ongoing bi-weekly
List property in CoStar if applicable
Third week
List property in MLS if applicableThird week
Review, evaluation and campaign adjustments

Call, text or email me, Jeff Smyth, and let’s talk!   Cell: 920-946-1581;  Office: 920-452-5555;  Email:

Click the link below for a pdf copy of our marketing plan!

Property Marketing Plan